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Take a look at some of the best ways to promote and sell with Facebook, run your own Facebook shop by Shopify, and create an audience of loyal fans!

For most online stores and new brands, Facebook is the number one social platform. It is without a doubt one of the best platforms for driving traffic and attracting new people, customers, buyers, and fans. This is especially true for businesses and lifestyle brands that know how to create shareable and compelling content. We suppose you already have your own Facebook page and you are regularly sharing content with your loyal followers. Wondering how do you generate sales with the number one social platform – Facebook and not come across as too promotional and boring to your audience?

In this article, we will share 8 ways to sell with the Facebook shop by Shopify, promote your items, and create an audience of loyal fans.

1. Use photos:

The first thing you need to do is to create engagement and build your own group of potential buyers. We suppose you’ve heard that photos perform better on Facebook when compared to other types of content and posts. But, you need to keep in mind that not all photos are created equal. If you are posting product photos, consider presenting informative photos that will encourage potential buyers to purchase your products.

2. Sell the lifestyle related to your product:

Another very important strategy for online retailers is to understand that you aren’t just selling your items, but you are selling the lifestyle around your items. For example, you can post photos that show examples of your ideal shoppers using your items in a perfect setting that makes sense for your store, brand, and target group.

3. Focus on themed product collages:

Posting product images over and over can get boring pretty fast. In order for you to make your product photos more interesting, we recommend you to try creating appealing product collages. You can also offer guides or quick tips on what other items work well with yours. It is a great idea and you should definitely try it. This is a great example on how selling on Facebook is easier now with the integration of Shopify’s store.

4. Offer time-sensitive promotions and discounts:

Offering such discounts can be an effective way to get people interested in your items. Putting an expiration on your promotions and discounts is a powerful sales trigger.

5. Offer gift cards:

Let’s face it – people love spending money on gift cards. Did you know that 81% of Americans will purchase at least one gift card during promotions, special events, and holidays? Offering gift cards gives potential customers a way to share your products and brand with their friends and family.

6. Offer free shipping:

If you don’t offer free shipping, occasionally doing so can be an excellent strategy to get people off Facebook and over to your Shopify store.

7.Present polarizing photos, topics or items:

ok and over to your Shopify store. Present polarizing photos, topics or items: This is without a doubt one of the best ways to boost engagement. Here is one example – if you are a fashion brand, and you run your own online clothing store, you could pick one of your items you sell and ask “Would you sometimes wear this? This is your chance to connect with your customers. V

8. Use a custom Facebook store application:

Facebook store is the official app from Shopify App Market which allows you to publish your items and collections to your Facebook page. This app will help you run your Facebook shop by Shopify, generate traffic from sales, and increase engagement with your Facebook followers.

Facebook shop by Shopify can help you bring your shopping experience and brand right inside Facebook – the best and most popular social platform.