3 Easy Ways Of Selling Products on Facebook without a Dime

//3 Easy Ways Of Selling Products on Facebook without a Dime

3 Easy Ways Of Selling Products on Facebook without a Dime

Is this your current situation? You have a burning desire of selling online. After some research, you have identified a product to offer online. You know who you will target. Also, you went ahead to draw a business plan to ensure you kick off your online journey on the right footage. Even with these tools, reality dawns on you. You are suffering from shoestring budget and no hopes this condition is going to change soon.

Now you are wondering whether to give up on your dream or what next. Have you had about selling on Facebook? This approach helps you to drive sales without spending huge dollars. Also, it is possible to sell without investing any coin in marketing. Here are 3 ways to achieve this goal:

Selling through Facebook groups

Certainly, you are on more than one Facebook groups. Some of this groups are set up to allow webpreneurs to harness their sales. Also, some groups have days set for marketing purposes. As a member, you do not pay to post on these groups. So, it is a great opportunity to promote your products for free. Also, with the rising number of each group you are sure of finding eligible buyers in the groups. Hence, ensure you develop actionable posts and share them on these groups at the appropriate time.

Create a Facebook shop

Did you know you can run a free online shop on Facebook? If you didn’t, here is the deal. Selling your product on Facebook is no longer a huge task. This platform realized that not everyone who has the capital to pay for hosting costs on leading e-commerce platform. For this reason, Facebook introduces an option to create an online shop under the page icons. So, if you want to sell online and raising funds is a major issue, you can do this through the Facebook store. All you need is to create a Facebook business page. Then, you head on to create a shop option. With this, you will be good to start selling products on Facebook without paying any dime.

Sell through posting on your profile and tagging your friends

You have heard for several times that your network is your net worth. You social followers can determine your sales level. People who follow you on Facebook like something about you. Hence, they have a desire to see you grow. You can target these followers as your first customers when selling on Facebook.

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